High Quality Imaging

For Cinema, Product Marketing & XR

Our Mission

We create ultra-realistic 3D models using the latest in three dimensional imaging technology. We strive to provide a unique competitive advantage for clients looking to jump into the future of digital product marketing, curate customer experiences like never before, or simply test the waters of the extended reality revolution.

Let’s experience the future together.

The Process

Geometric model data is captured using structured light or laser scanning technology combined with photogrammetry techniques. Raw scan data or high-res models can be delivered for processing by your team, or Cinematiq’s design team can create photo-realistic models with clean topography & accurate color and texture maps ready for use in game engines or photo-realistic rendering.   

Photo-Realistic Models For Real-Time Rendering

Rotate the shoe to view it from all angels

Try AR Quicklook

View this page in Safari on an Apple device running iOS 12 or newer to see this 3D rendering in your own space!

Tap the cube located above the object and select “AR” to drop it into your current environment.

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