“The future of furniture buying is here”

We put furniture in your space — Virtually

"Empower your customers to envision their future home"

Cinematiq is a digital media company that enables end-customers to virtually add, position, and re-size furniture and upholstery through augmented reality (AR) technology.

Help your customers make decisions faster

Decrease the volume of slow moving inventory

Capitalize on increased customer confidence and grow sales

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“The catalog becomes obsolete…The customer now walks into these stores and can pull it up on their phone! They know more than the person selling it.”

Shorten The Sales Cycle

Making a major furniture purchase can take a customer anywhere from 3-18 months. Cinematiq helps customers make decisions quicker and more confidently, by empowering them to envision furniture in their home. Enable end-customers to make decisions swiftly, and retailers to close deals faster

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“71% of shoppers would shop at a retailer more often if they offered AR”

Differentiate Your Brand

Bring your furniture shopping experience into the future by giving your customers a tailored, customizable AR experience. Fuel brand loyalty among designers – enable them to think of new possibilities and arrangements, and find the right fit. No measuring tapes required.

Increase Customer Confidence

Empower your customers to envision their future home. Showcase your products in any living space virtually, no shipping or assembly required! Increase customer confidence and adapt to the changing landscape of the industry by offering a “Try before you buy” feature that is the future of furniture shopping.