Augmented Reality

"Try before you buy"

The AR Landscape

Augmented reality is anything that places computer generated imagery into real world view. Early applications of AR were focused around gaming, and might have required a headset or goggles. In a recent update, Apple installed AR Quicklook, it’s own Augmented Reality viewing engine, into the operating system of every iPhone and iPad. No extra equipment needed.

The application for AR in eCommerce is growing rapidly. Amazon is building AR features for a huge collection of products in their massive catalog. Furniture companies like IKEA and Wayfair have pioneered AR within the furniture industry, allowing users to visualize coffee tables, chairs, and couches in their living rooms.
In this article from Wired magazine, the review of IKEA’s AR app is glowing, saying “This is what you’ll love most about AR”. It will most certainly improve the furniture buying experience in the online shopping age.

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